Frank Wojcik's Shenandoah Picture Page

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 23:39:09 -0500
From: frank wojcik
Subject: Shenandoah

Hello Bill,
My name is Frank Wojcik and I was there "that day" at the so called, bubble gum riot. Seems, we share similar experiences.We may have been classmates, and like you, I moved away from Shenandoah, at approximately the same time, in September of 1946. You and I can contrast childhood, in a small town, like Shenandoah and childhood elsewhere. For me, a big city.
As I look back, I was fortunate to have spent my early childhood there.
They truly were "Happy Days".
My experience was the Italian American one. I lived on the 400 block of West Coal St. and attended Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Catholic Church.
I found some pictures, that were in a shoe box all these years. They're like a time capsule.
I'll send them to you and you can include them in your memories, if you like.

Frank Wojcik

Feast day of Lady Of Mt.Carmel Catholic Church, July 1945.
Location 400 block of West Coal St.


Another feast day picture in 1945. The alter boys with their backs
to the camera are John Polina and Joseph Casula.
Facing the camera are Joseph Tancredi and myself, Frank Wojcik.


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